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About Karina Henwood

Let Me Guide You Toward A Deeper Connection With Yourself.

I am Karina Henwood, and I am here to facilitate personal and spiritual experiences.

When I connect into my highest source and give myself the freedom to truly be me, I am a Master Teacher put on this Earth to serve.

I have played many teaching roles throughout my life. I have been a High School Teacher, a Group Fitness Instructor, a Yoga and Meditation Teaching and a Reiki Energy Healing practitioner.

Clearly- I naturally gravitate to the teaching role, particularly in areas where I have found the most personal benefit. 

These roles have all truly served me in being where I am right now. A guide to personal and spiritual experiences. Through the modalities of Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Creative Expression, and Intuitive Freedom, I guide people back to their true nature. 

My life goal is to leave this world a better place than what it was when I arrived here. I do this by having a positive impact on those around me.

My goal, through all my offerings, is to empower you to feel so comfortable in your own light that you feel absolute permission to let ALL of you shine. Just like my journey is to give myself the freedom to let my own light shine and overflow from within me to pour out to those who I touch.

The World Needs To See Your Light. The World Needs To See Mine. We Can Shine Bright,

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