Karina Henwood



Let Me Guide You Toward A Deeper Connection With Yourself.

I am Karina Henwood, and I am here to facilitate personal and spiritual experiences.

When I connect into my highest source and give myself the freedom to truly be me, I am a Master Teacher put on this Earth to serve.

How does this play out in my life? I am a High School teacher at Brisbane SDE, a Group Fitness Instructor and a Yoga Instructor at Function Well, Newstead, a Reiki Energy Healing practitioner and an all-around experiencer of life.

Clearly- I naturally gravitate to the teaching role, particularly in areas where I have found the most personal benefit. My life goal is to leave this world a better place than what it was when I arrived here. I do this by having a positive impact on those around me.

My goal, through all my offerings, is to empower you to feel so comfortable in your own light that you feel absolute permission to let it shine. Just like my journey is to give myself the freedom to let my own light shine and overflow from within me to pour out to those who I touch.

Join Me On A Journey Into The Unknown Parts Of You

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Be Enough For Yourself First, The Rest Of The World Can Wait.

I have experienced what it feels like to be so shut off from the world. After a few troubling years and some challenging experiences, I found myself off my path, not knowing where I was going or focusing on the wrong things. The world is a harsh place and I believe it’s so necessary for everyone to feel a sense of safety and security in who they are, but I also understand how challenging this is. With judgement keeping parts of us quiet, with high expectations forcing us into split directions and the pressures of the world telling us we need to be and do certain things to be successful, I know exactly how conflicting it can be…

Let Me Guide You Toward A Deeper Connection With Yourself.

After coming through my journey, I acknowledge that some of the tools and practices I now swear by are so vital in helping other’s who are also on their journey. Regardless of where we’re at, whether having just dipped your toes into a spiritual practice, or have been practicing for many years, all strategies are adaptable. What’s important is that we make a commitment to ourselves, to our own growth, to learning how to tune into our own uniqueness.

Who would you be without judgement? Who would you be without expectations? 

To help facilitate you through these many offerings to see your unique light and to empower you to rise above the challenges and to let it shine.

The World Needs To See Your Light. The World Needs To See Mine. We Can Shine Bright,