Yoga has been a pivotal part of my life for 6 years now. Like many people, I started yoga for the physical benefits of lengthening and opening my body, focusing on recovery for my performance in Crossfit. As my life took many twists and turns, I found myself on the fast-train to burn-out. Having pushed myself too hard in the wrong direction, my life began to unravel and fall apart. My Yoga practice became this safe place where I could meet myself exactly as I was and re-discovered myself again. I started for the physical benefits and have stayed for the multiple other benefits it brings me. I’m beyond grateful and thrilled to be sharing more of this supportive practice with you and guiding you through your own unique journey of Yoga and Meditation.

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Benefits of a Yoga Practice:

  • ZPhysical rebalancing and alignment
  • ZOpens the body to building flexibility
  • ZIncludes breathwork techniques help to sooth you
  • ZTends to and cares for the Nervous System
  • ZOpens the gateway to self and spiritual connection
  • ZHelps to manage stress and demands of life with ease
  • ZAllows you time to simply be
  • ZIt feels GOOD!
  • ZA way to offer yourself nourishment, self-care and self-love

What to expect during a practice with me:

For my teching, I love to rely upon the 8 limbs of Yoga as my personal philosophy, understanding and aligning my teachings to embody all 8 limbs, seeing beyond the 1 limb that the asana practice is.

I believe a yoga practice should be inviting, welcoming and open to all. I LOVE looking around the room and seeing everyone doing different things and taking different options, because then I’ve done my job right in inviting you into your body.

When you practice with me, I hope that for a brief moment you let go of what the shapes “look” like in your body, and tune into how they’re feeling for you.

I’m only a guide. In a Yoga practice, your biggest teacher is yourself. Tune in and follow your own innate wisdom for this movement practice, and if at the end of the class you have managed to take a full delicious breath into your body, that’s a successful practice.

“I’m only a guide. In a Yoga practice, your biggest teacher is yourself.”

What is Instinctive Meditation?

Instinctive Meditation is an invitation to explore your own, innate ability to meditate. YES! That’s right. We, as human, all have an innate, in-built ability to meditate.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve just lost touch with this natural ability. We have forgotten how to rest and restore! Even more detrimental is that we often believe we fail at meditation.

I’m here to show you that: You haven’t!

Having completed my 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training through the Radiance Sutras School of Instinctive Meditation, I teach a style of guided meditation that invites you to explore exactly what you wish to meditate with.

Through the online group meditation classes and one-on-one meditation lessons, we will explore your own unique natural gateways into meditation. Come, exactly as your are- with your busy mind and your fidgety body. 

You will be welcomed into this style of meditation.

“Instinctive Meditation is a totally fun and explorative way to experience meditation”

Have you ever said to yourself

“I wish I did more Yoga”, or ” I should do more Meditation but I just can’t do it.”?

Here is your chance!

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