Karina invites you to her home-studio in Tingalpa, where nourishing YOU is the only goal. Through Private one-on-one Yoga sessions, each practice is tailored to cater to your wellness needs. Whether you are a complete beginner seeking extra support to develop your practice, or you’re looking to rekindle your love for the practice, or are looking for a deeper, more nurturing energetic connection to your practice, Karina provides the space for you.

Karina brings in all her tools of practice to leave you feeling held, nurtured and cared for every time you come for a session with her. Together, we can create an experience that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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Book your One-on-one Yoga Session Here:

How to book your Yoga class:

1. Choose and select the time for your private session that best suits you. 

2. You will be directed to confirm through a payment link and a series of questions that will help me to prepare the space you need. Share with me as little or as much as your heart feels.

3. Once all completed, you’ll receive a book confirmation and you‘re ready to go! We then countdown with excitement until the session.

Have you ever said to yourself

“I wish I did more Yoga”, or ” I should do more Meditation but I just can’t do it”?


Here is your chance to do so in a place that is inviting and welcoming to all abilities!

Benefits of a Yoga Practice:

  • ZPhysical rebalancing and alignment
  • ZOpens the body to building flexibility
  • ZBreathwork techniques included to help sooth you
  • ZSwitches the Nervous System to "rest and digest"
  • ZOpens the gateway to self and spiritual connection
  • ZHelps to manage stress and demands of life
  • ZAllows you time to look after YOU
  • ZIt feels GOOD!
  • ZPrivate sessions that are tailored to you and your needs.

What to expect during a Yoga Practice with me:

Throughout my journey of life, I’ve had to learn how to find moments of slowing-down, rather than speeding up.

My Yoga teaching has very much taken the same route. I teach a Vinyasa style practice where you connect the movement with your breath. I also infuse Yin and Meditation into my classes in order to meet you exactly where you’re at. If we need to strengthen, we might flow more. If we need to sooth, we might soften more. Each practice with me will provide an important invitation to check-in with you, your body and have a conversation with how it wants to move for that day. 

When you practice with me, I hope that for a brief moment you let go of what the shapes “look” like in your body, and tune into how they’re feeling for you.

I’m only a guide. In a Yoga practice, your biggest teacher is yourself. Through a one-on-one session, I will guide you to tune-in and follow your own innate wisdom for this movement practice, and if at the end of the session you have managed to take a full delicious breath into your body, that’s a successful practice.

“I’m only a guide. In a Yoga practice, your biggest teacher is yourself.”

What is Instinctive Meditation?

Instinctive Meditation is an invitation to explore your own, innate ability to meditate. YES! That’s right. We, as human, all have an innate, in-built ability to meditate.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve just lost touch with this natural ability. We have forgotten how to rest and restore! Even more detrimental is that we often believe we fail at meditation.

I’m here to show you that: You haven’t!

Having completed my 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training through the Radiance Sutras School of Instinctive Meditation, I teach a style of guided meditation that invites you to explore exactly what you wish to meditate with.

Through the online group meditation classes and one-on-one meditation lessons, we will explore your own unique natural gateways into meditation. Come, exactly as your are- with your busy mind and your fidgety body. 

You will be welcomed into this style of meditation.

“Instinctive Meditation is a totally fun and explorative way to experience meditation”

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Looking for a Unique Experience? 

Let’s organize it. I am available to share yoga with your workplace, your group or even at your retreat. Anything is possible when we have a dream and share that dream with others. Let’s create together. 

Yoga has been a pivotal part of my life for 6 years now. Like many people, I started yoga for the physical benefits of lengthening and opening my body, focusing on recovery for my performance in Crossfit. As my life took many twists and turns, I found myself on the fast-train to burn-out. Having pushed myself too hard in the wrong direction, my life began to unravel and fall apart. My Yoga practice became this safe place where I could meet myself exactly as I was and re-discovered myself again. I started for the physical benefits and have stayed for the multiple other benefits it brings me. I’m beyond grateful and thrilled to be sharing more of this supportive practice with you and guiding you through your own unique journey of Yoga and Meditation.

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