Yoga and Meditation are powerful tools at building wellness within your workplace. Servicing to Corporate business in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas, Karina is available to create a tailored workplace wellness session for your team. As a wellness expert, Karina has a range of tools she can provide to ensure your team has tools to manage stress, to increase productivity and to bring a sense of calm in our already busy lives.

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A Corporate Yoga and Wellness Experience with Karina Is For Your Workplace If:

  • ZYou care for your workers wellbeing
  • ZYou understand the demands of their job and wish to give back
  • ZYou notice feelings of fatigue and exhaustion within your team
  • ZYour workers are highly stressed and under pressure
  • ZYou wish to do a team bonding activity that cares for their wellbeing
  • ZYou come from a spiritually minded business and know this is something your team will love
  • ZLacking connection to self
  • ZYou too know the benefit of Yoga and wellness and wish to share it with your team
  • ZYou're grateful for all the work your team do and wish to express this through a wellbeing day