Sometimes we can be doing absolutely everything, yet we still feel stuck, depleted and slow. Often times when we are dealing with blocks and stagnation in our energy, it doesn’t matter what we do, life still feels like a struggle. This in when Energy Healing treatments can work wonders at clearing out the old, stuck energy and helping you to move through to the new. Karina works with a range of energy healing modalities, such a Reiki, intuitive guidance and oracle cards to check-in with your energy centers in your subtle body to create a treatment that is tailored to you and exactly what you need. 

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An Energy Healing Treatment with Karina Is For You If You’re Experiencing:

  • ZLack of Direction
  • ZOverthinking and busyness of thoughts
  • ZFatigue and exhaustion
  • ZHigh stress and high pressure
  • ZRepetitive trauma coming up
  • ZHolding onto past situations
  • ZLacking connection to self
  • ZDeep craving of relaxation and time away
  • ZCraving nourishment, self-care and self-love

“Ultimately, the answers you seek are already within you. I simply work with you to open up the doorway to your heart and to your healing.”

After Your Reiki Session, You Might Feel:

  • ZReset, refreshed, and rejuvenated
  • ZClear in the answers you need
  • ZUnstuck from trauma or old habits that you have
  • ZGrounded and centered within yourself
  • ZA deep sense of rest and relaxation
  • ZA clear sense of direction on how to move forward
  • ZNourished, nurtured, and supported
  • ZConnected back into the Power that is within you

“I feel unbelievably calm and clear. More than I have for a while” – Lachie Stuart

Book Your Reiki Session With Me

I welcome you into the comfort of my home studio. Your energy healing session includes a consult to create your tailored treatment. Throughout the session, I tune into what is intuitively needed to best support you and what you need most. We will finish with an integration activity to utilize your topped up energy to it’s potential.


Each Individual Person Needs an Individual Healing Treatment

An Energy Healing session with me isn’t just about checking your energy centers and rebalancing your energy. Sure- that’s one part of it, however after treating many people for over a year now, I found the support I needed to give involved so much more that just Reiki. I understand the space of safety I create is refreshing and gives way for a lot of emotions that come up, calling us to explore. By bringing these emotions into the light, we take the first steps in healing them.