Direction: Sacred Cacao Ceremony- 29th January

Dear Sister,

Do you feel that beating in the middle of your chest?

Here resides an incredible wisdom that’s calling you forth.

It’s calling you to release away the fears, the doubts, the worries you hold and return back to love.

Can you image being so connected to your heart center that you can see so clearly your direction forward?

What are you waiting for?

Cacao is calling to you: “Come sit with me Dear one, and let me show you how powerful you are.”

It’s time!!

It’s time to step into the new, to ignite your fire and reinvigorate your life!

As women, we are underestimated in this world. We are often told to sit down, be quite, don’t say a word.

Well- NO LONGER! No longer do you need to hold yourself back, to show up less than what you are and to dim your light for anyone or anything!

I welcome in 4 courageous women who are sick and tired of playing small! I welcome you into a ceremony space, to sit with Mother IxCacao and to walk hand in hand with her into the depths of your soul to ignite the fiery pits of your passion and expression.

Are you feeling the call for something more in your life?

Are you feeling this desire within you to walk a path of authenticity, but are falling into the trap of societal demands?

This is a journey I’m currently embarking on myself- killing off all the limitations I currently hold onto. All of the conditioning I have around not being good enough in some situations, or being too much in others. I’m sick of worrying about judgement from others, or fearful of not being liked.

I’m ready to let this old expression of myself DIE away so that I can make way for a new, heart-opening expression of the true essence of who I am. Without holding back! Without limiting me!

I know there are others on this journey too- whether you’ve just started or whether you too are on the deep dive.

Join me Sister!

Join me here and let’s step it up together.

I Invite you to sit with me, to sit with Mother IxCacao and let’s awaken our power together!!

You are more powerful than you think you are!

This 3 hour deep dive will include:
* Sacred Cacao Ceremony
* 3 Intuitive Journeys: First we release the old, then we journey to the purpose of the soul, finishing with Manifestation of the new
* Clearing sounds of the Medicine Drum
* Time to reflect and Journal
* An uplifted and invigorating space
* The permission to be ALL that you are!

Open to 4 courageous beings needing this in their lives right now.

Energy Exchange: $80

Supported by Shamanic Heart Medicine Cacao

*For anyone wanting to Journey with Cacao in the comfort of your own home, I offer you the discount code of: KARINA10 to use on any purchases from Shamanic Heart Medicine, as a cacao that holds and supports me so much, I lovingly gift this to you for your own journey.


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Jan 29 2022


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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Karina Henwood
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