Cup of Intention – Yoga, Cacao and Clay Workshop

Are you ready to be so tapped into self-love that it overflows and pours out into everything you do!?!

This amazing experience includes:

  • A cup of Creation Cacao to land in
  • Gentle Yoga Practice, guided as a moving meditation aimed at all bodies with deep love
  • Clay Creation section will include:
    • 700 grams of ceramic clay
    • 2x Firing Process
    • Option to finish your piece with either a clear glossy glaze, or a white glaze colour
    • Pieces returned back to you in 6 weeks after the event
  • A beautiful balance of inward reflection as well as social connection with like-minded people
  • Guided by an expert ceramic teacher and yoga teacher in a
  • Nibbles and a nourishing pot of Dahl to share throughout.


The Juicy Details:

Through spending a beautiful, heartfelt evening together, deeply connecting into yourself, connecting with others in a divinely held space, you will feel the deepest sense of self-love.

This expressive, fun and playful event will take you on a journey into your heart!

We will begin the event drinking the heart opening elixir of Cacao, landing into the space and grounding down into the moment- letting all of the worries of your world at the door.

Using the physical movement of yoga, we will drop further into your heart. Using movement as medicine and gateway to meditation, we will enquire- what is it that your soul is calling for right now? What is setting your soul on FIRE? The practice will be guided in a way that encourages you to move your body with love and nourishment- letting go of forcing and pushing and instead being so gentle and loving on yourself. In this way, the movement becomes a gateway into your souls’ deepest desires and from there, we create!!

We take all that we have within us, all the power, all that we are, and we infuse it into clay to create something magical. Sculpting with the earth, we will create your very own drinking vessel to use as a daily ritual of self-love. A reminder that you are so so very important!! That you deserve time and that rest in so vital to our productivity. Each and every time you use this drinking vessel, you will be reminded that you are powerful.

As we create, mould, and shape the ritual drinking vessel, you will have the chance to watch something come to life, and as the mug take shape and grows, something inside you grows too. An “I AM” affirmation statement. A belief swells up and you unlock your true potential. You will be invited to stamp it into your mug for you to see as your reminder every single day, so that even on days when you feel disconnected and out of touch, you’re reminded to come back to the magnificence you felt on this day.

It’s going to be such a divine evening and I cannot wait to hold space for this freedom of your heart and soul.

You deserve to be there to receive it too!

With deep love and reverence.


Feb 24 2024


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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Allambee Sanctuary
36 Allambee Cresent, Capalaba


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