Using the nourishing practice of Yin Yoga and the therapeutic medium of Clay to Unleash from the stresses of the week!
It’s Friday night and It’s time to have some FUN!
Let’s get our hands dirty, let’s connect, let’s feel and let’s PLAY.
Join Karina as she guides you through a divine, intuitively lead Yin Yoga practice to land you into the evening. This 60 minute gentle practice will open the channels for you to drop out of the busy “doing” and into the deep presence of “being”. Feel as tension eases from your body and the stresses and worries of the week melt away.
We invite in freedom and creativity through the yoga practice and move into unleashing it during some Clay-PLAY.
Using ceramic clay dug from the soil of the Earth, we’ll roll, mold, pinch, squish and sculpt it into 3 ritual pieces for you to treasure as a reminder to take a break and add a little bit of stress reduction to your everyday.
You will be guided on how to make an incense holder, smudging bowl and trinket bowl for all your little spiritual needs.
Once the pieces are created and taken shape, they’ll then be taken off to the Kilns to be fired at temperatures around 1,000 degrees, making them all food safe, dishwasher safe and treasures you can cherish forever.
These Yoga and Clay workshops are an incredible opportunity to have some fun and unleash your creativity in a beautiful nourishing way. There is no better way to get out of your mind than to focus on the creation of something unique and fun. This will be a hands-on nature experience playing with clay- the ultimate adult playdough.
This workshop is suitable for an individual wanting more mindfulness moments, families wanting to connect, friends wanting to share a unique time together and even couples for an end of week date day option like no other. Spending time to first nurture yourself through yoga, stepping away from the “doing” and the stresses of the week and connecting into your creativity and imagination, enjoying this time in nature and this time to simply just be.
Bonus is: you’ll create something that becomes a keepsake of the time spent.

– A 60-minute Yin yoga practice, intuitively guided to cater to everyBODY in the room

– 90-minute clay-play class

– Soup Dinner, Drinks, Nibbles, quality conversations and good times to be had all around

– All clay equipment and tools provided

– Double firing of your clay pieces

– Clear glaze to give them a glossy finish

– Ready for collection 3-4 week after

– The BEST Friday night experience!


Aug 04 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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Allambee Sanctuary
36 Allambee Cresent, Capalaba


Karina Henwood
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