Meditation Discover- 7 Week Course

Stop the google searching for “best ways to meditate”.

This course is all you need to kick-start or re-spark your meditation journey.

This 7-week series provides access to meditation that is easy, guided and offers a sense of freedom.

Whether you’re a beginner trying meditation for the first time, whether you’ve tried it before and found it didn’t “work” for you, or whether you love meditating already and wish to explore new and exciting ways- you are in the right place!

This meditation exploration series is not about stilling the mind, but rather exploring the many different ways and the many different tools that allow us to drop into a meditative state.

Throughout this series, we will explore tools that allow us to tune into our own natural and innate ability to meditate- which we all have already within us. Each week we will explore a new style, allowing you to discover the styles that you really LOVE, as well as enquire and be supported through the ones you don’t love.

It is my intention that by the end of this 7-week Meditation Discovery, you will have a greater understanding about meditation, both through experience and also through knowledge shared.

This Meditation Discovery Includes:

  • Access to our private Meditation Facebook Group for the whole 7-weeks
  • Weekly Live Meditation Immersion calls from 7-7:30pm every Tuesday night
  • All recordings posted in the Facebook group for the duration of the 7-week journey
  • Access to Karina, and the group, for support and guidance throughout
  • The freedom to engage with the group as little or as much as you like
  • Knowledge, additional information and resources shared throughout the entirety of the journey to help build your understanding of meditation and what happens during each style.

Benefits that will come from this 7-week Series:

  • The start of cultivating a regular meditation practice
  • A deeper sense of self-connection
  • Knowing that there’s NOTHING wrong with you if your mind is busy during meditation
  • A range of tools to place in your meditation tool-belt
  • An ability to have discernment over the meditation styles that work for you
  • Time and space to enquire about why some techniques work for you, and why some don’t
  • A spring-board to jump off and explore more ways to meditate beyond the course


This meditation journey is targeted to those currently struggling to develop a meditation practice.

This series would suit people who:

  • Are an absolute beginner to meditation
  • Are curious about meditation but don’t know where to start
  • Desire to include a wider variety of meditation styles into their practice
  • Have meditated before but lost touch with the practice
  • Would love to include more meditation into their lives through developing a practice


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Hourly Schedule

Live Meditation Calls

7:00pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday Night
Live Meditation Calls


Oct 04 2022


The Discovery Begins
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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