Together Time – Mother-Daughter Day Mt Cootha

Arcadian Women’s Adventures and Yoga with Karina come together to Present:
A morning to share time together with like-minded Mum-Daughter teams.
The bond of a Mother and Daughter is so unique and special.
Throughout our whole lives, our relationship with our Mother’s travel a huge range of fluctuations. As children grow to young adults and beyond, the connection of Mother and Daughter can become strained. There’s always a craving for the connection to be there. The most important thing, at all ages, is that you still need Time Together to cultivate your relationship and to simply enjoy life.
This event is aimed for Teenage Daughters ages 12+ as well as adult daughters, both craving an activity to enjoy together.


This beautiful nature event includes:

– 1-hour Yoga practice on the lawn, suitable for all levels
– 5km Nature hike suitable for most ages and fitness levels
– A beautiful day of connection and chats with like-minded ladies and women.
– Chai and snacks for after
– The option to stay around for the day for a picnic and enjoy extra time together


This beautiful Mother-Daughter connection event has 2 main intentions:

1. Create time and space to connect to ourselves on a deeper level
2. Come back into connection together feeling fuller and open.


As we begin the day with a Yoga practice, Karina will guide you on a journey inwards. The flow of gentle movement with breath will allow tension to ease away, resistance to fall and an opening both physically and energetically. All the fears, doubts and worries can soothe away. The class will be taught to cater to a range of bodies, in a way that invites each person into their own experience and into movements that supports and nourishes them, with plenty of options to explore.
After the Yoga practice, Adventure Leader and Wilderness First Aid Holder, Tatiana will guide a hike up to the summit of Mt Cootha. We’ll enjoy some beautiful connection time in nature as we walk around the challenging but achievable track sharing stories, connecting and enjoying the gift of presence. Although an uphill climb, the walk is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.


Be sure to bring some extra snacks and make a day of it if you have the time.



What to bring:

– Yoga mat (if you have one- reach out to Karina if you don’t)
– Water Bottle and snacks
– Wear comfortable clothes you can move in
– Closed in shoes suitable for nature walking
– Hat, sunscreen
– Anything else that will make you feel comfortable for the day



As an immensely passionate and dedicated Yoga Teacher, Karina loves creating spaces of safety, freedom and connection.
Coming from a High School teaching background, Karina has seen the challenges that Teen’s begin to encounter as they try to find themselves but sometimes loose the connection to their Mothers. No longer a child, the relationship begins to change.
Karina knows from her own experience, traumas and lack of love felt during the Teen years are often carried into adult life. Through these Together Time events, Karina hopes to provide a healing space for Mother-Daughter teams of ALL ages- from the developmental stages of the teenage years, to the adult years of building friendship.

Tatiana is a woman with a beautiful vision that encompasses her passion for being in nature and challenging herself to be a better person. She has always been drawn to being in the great outdoors and has an adventurous spirit. She strives to inspire others to find that same connection with nature that enables them to find balance within.

Tatiana’s dream is to create a community of women, that come together to challenge themselves and be part of something within nature. She truly believes that challenge is important for self-development and loves sharing these experiences with others. Discover more about Tatiana Here:


Feb 19 2023


8:00 am - 11:00 am



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