Yin Immersion – 29th April

You deserve a break!


Friday night- it’s been a looooong week.

Your week has been busy and stressful.

You’ve had to play many different roles.

Your energy is low.

You’re craving a chance to do something super cozy and relaxing.


It’s time to honor your desire for the YIN!

This is just for you!!


Let the energy of the week go, take some time in deep solitude with yourself and do something your body, mind and spirit will appreciate.

This 2-hour Yin Immersion includes:

  • Mats, bolsters, blocks and props all set up for you
  • A beautiful safe and welcoming space
  • 2-hours of Yin Yoga
  • A guided meditation to arrive gently
  • A pranayama breathwork technique to soothe away stress
  • 90-minute Yin Yoga practice to ease away tension in the body
  • Guidance by Karina to support you exactly where you’re at on that night
  • Pumpkin Soup, Chai and chats afterwards for anyone who feels to join


This will be an absolute treat and an incredibly nourishing space for you to sink into.

We spend so much of the week in our YANG energy- in the doing, in the routine that gets us through the week, and in the rigidity that our lives can have.

It’s time to balance out the week with some YIN- the rest and restoration, the delight in simply just being.

Reconnect with being- there’s absolutely nothing more that you need to do here!

Come exactly as you are with no expectation to talk, to be social or to be anything more than you feel on the night.

Settle into the space

Sink into your mat

And let the stresses of the week melt away


I’m looking forward to seeing you all there and nurturing you in the beautiful space that is Yoga @ the Lounge.



Apr 29 2022


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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Yoga @ the Lounge
​​119 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland


Karina Henwood
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