Yin and Pins- METAL – 5 Element Series


This third workshop of the Yin and Pins: 5 Element Series will gently guide you to connecting into the strong structure that is the Metal Element. Metal is all about building shape and refinement in life. When the Metal element is in balance and harmony, you feel a greater sense of courage, strength and value.

In this 2-hour workshop, using the tools of Yin Yoga and Acupuncture, this practice will specifically build a solid sense of self, bring energy to your lungs to implement new positive habits and opening you to setting strong boundaries. While the Yin practice will guide you into poses focusing on openness in the shoulders, chest, neck and throat, the acupuncture treatments will activate and reawaken the energy flowing to and from your lungs and large intestine.


This practice is for you if you’re:
– Experiencing difficulty in setting new habits and routines
– Feeling rigid in life
– Holding onto control and negative emotions from the past
– Struggling with your breath- either feeling shallow or congested in the chest
– Feeling stiff in your joints and muscles
– Experiencing tightness in your shoulders, chest and neck
– Having difficulty setting boundaries
This workshop will include:
* A 2-hour Yin Yoga experience, aimed at all body types and yoga experience levels
* 2x Acupuncture treatments throughout, in a place of rest
* Pranayama techniques targeted to igniting your strength and courage
* Props, bolsters and blocks for support
* Time and space to feel
* Safety of being surrounded by like-minded people
* Chai, snacks and chats after the event


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Oct 22 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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Carry Om Yoga
Shop 12-13/89 Bay Terrace, Wynnum


Karina Henwood
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