Yin Yoga Sound Immersion- 30 July, 2021

Join Karina and Chelsea in a deeply nurturing, internalized experience. In a candle-lite room, on the safe space of your yoga mat, we will journey inside your energy centers.

We often go to the doctors for a physical ailment- but we don’t consider things we can do for stuck energy and emotions.

This workshop is a combination of a Yin Yoga practice with the Therapeutic Sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls, tuning forks, flutes and more that will work at clearing any stuck energy and blockages in your energy centers (Chakras).

This will leave you feeling lighter with a new enhanced outlook on life. Join Karina and Crystal to take a moment to click pause and take a breath into the parts of you that feel neglected. Leave with a boost to your motivation and new found direction.

What to expect in this event:

  • A 75 minute Yin Yoga practice aimed at all levels.
  • The sounds and vibrations of Chelsea playing an intuitive, heart-centered Sound Immersion through-out using crystal bowls, tuning forks and other sound therapy instruments to open the energy centers of the body.
  • Time to reflect with journaling prompts
  • The safety of like-minded people coming together
  • Mat, bolster and props all included
  • Chai, chats and support afterwards
  • Most importantly- the freedom to simply be with yourself. No need to make small talk if you don’t want to. No demands put on you. Nothing. Just come and be.


Welcome to all and all are welcome!

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Jul 30 2021


5:45 pm - 7:15 pm



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  1. Hannah William

    I LOVED this time/experience and all of the physical, emotional and energetic clearing it gave me. I had a little light-bulb moment from creating mental space for my higher self to drop in and be heard.

  2. Jackie Bowker

    What I loved most about this experience was the ability to show up as I am, surrender to everything that came to me and space and time to come back to life. Can we please make this a weekly class? I don’t realise how much I need this and greatly benefit from it until I’m in it!

  3. Mel Cogzell

    I love the combination of the Yin and Sound. It gave a real opportunity to settle into the poses. I loved it. It was such a calm and serene feeling with Karina as a guide.

  4. Vanessa Coop

    How divine it is!! It is a rare treat to sit with feeling in the current, with such a beautiful healing and restorative combo of the poses and sound. Love, Love, LOVE! Always come away learning (and with bliss).

  5. Helen Bender

    What I loved most about this experience is the ladies holding this space- the additional extras providing a heart-felt setting that goes beyond the sound and yin. Truly a wonderful experience.


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