Intimate Inner ‘Scapes creates a tailored event experience for YOU. Any type of event can be created into an intimate Inner ‘Scape with a little bit of imagination and magic. Letting go of the way things “should” be and thinking outside of the box, we create the event that your soul deeply desires.

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Absolutely anything that you imagine, can be created. Let’s change the way we celebrate events to be more nurturing and heart opening.

Imagine your Birthday celebration aimed at gifting you a loving, nourishing experience. Gather a group of your most treasured friends to come together to share reasons why they value your friendship, sharing hand-made gifts and showering you with love and affection.

Image a baby shower where the mother is treasured and celebrated for the journey she has embarked on from maiden to mother, where all her besties come together to uplift her and contribute strength for the final stages of such a life changing experience.

Imagine going on a mini-weekend retreat with your closest friends and having a Yoga, Meditation and Reiki instructor join you for the ultimate nourishing experience. 

What could be included, but is not limited to:

  • ZYoga Class- Vinyasa Yin or Restorative
  • ZMeditation
  • ZCacao Meditation
  • Z Women’s Circle
  • ZNew Moon, Full Moon, or any seasonal ceremony
  • Z Mother Blessing ceremony
  • Z Reiki treatments
  • Z Art Therapy
  • ZMassage and Acupuncture

And so much more, suited towards what you need the most.

It took my mind to a calmer place. It was a first for me. It was gentle and opening. I would love to do this again.

It was perfect! Amazing! Don’t change a thing!

I loved the opportunity to take time for myself, my body and my mind.

It was a magical night, an incredible way to honor yourself and see what is sitting within to truly fill yourself up.

Casey Stephens

Attendee of Yin and Gong

I absolutely loved the combination of Yin Yoga and the sound of Gong. That made me even more focused on myself than the Yin Yoga by itself.

Please offer this kind of opportunity more often.


Attendee at Yin and Gong Immersion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

As it is a totally tailored event, it all depends on the offerings you want to include, however, the total cost is inclusive of absolutely everything, with no hidden costs on the day.

Q: How do I get my event happening?

Connect with me. Send me through an email to enquire and I’ll reply with a form to gather information about what it is you want to create.

Q: Where do you service?

I can service anywhere from the Sunshine Coast, all the way down to the Gold Coast, and anywhere in between. Note that travel time and expenses will be included in the cost.

Q: How many people can I have at my event?

Again, this depends on your event, but the more intimate the better. Consider these events to benefit you and your closest circle.

My event idea is a bit out there and I don’t know if you can do it?

Contact me anyway. Share your dream and I’ll consider how we can make it work to be exactly what you desire. It’s going to be a “no”, until you contact me and we make it a “yes”. ? 

All The Events We Go Through In Life Should Be A Treasured Experience.

This service is for women looking for a different way of doing things, that want something more but who may not know how to lead or facilitate such an event.

This service is aimed to help you reach a higher consciousness, to nourish you and to change the way in which you are celebrated.

If you are spiritually connected woman who values wellness, self care and self-love,  an Intimate Inner ‘Scape is for you

I absolutely love gathering women together in heart-opening spaces. It is through building compassion and safety that these events are created.

Yoga, Meditation and Women’s circles are all things I absolutely love to participate in and to facilitate. Last year when I had a wonderful group of ladies ask me to join them on a mini-retreat they had planned, I jumped at the opportunity and worked with them to bring to life the day they imagined. We spent the day at their Airbnb enjoying a heart-connecting cacao circle, meditation, journaling activities, a reiki treatment for each and a restorative yin yoga class. Such a divine experience that had me thinking- Why don’t we do events like this all the time?

Although there are many workshop spaces and event opportunities around our community, Inner ‘Scapes is created for you, for your friends and are specific to achieving exactly what you want to celebrate. Allow me to suit your celebration and event to be something that tops up your cup.

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