An incredible immersive experience for Mother and Daughter to share together. This 3-night Retreat will deepen your connection to self, in order to strengthen the bond between Mother and Daughter during the formative High School years. An opportunity unlike no other.

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Event Details

Event Begins: Friday 28th April, 3pm

Event Concludes: Monday 1st May, 11am 

Location:  The Temple Retreat, Pullenvale

Availability: 5 Mother-Daughter Rooms available

Suitable for Mothers with Daughters between the age of 12-17 years. 

 “The relationship between Mother and Daughter is like no other. No matter what the struggle is, it’s a soul connection that travels you through a life-time of tears and joy. ” 

This Incredible Experience Includes

The Embrace: Mother-Daughter Connection Retreat is a life enhancing experience to strengthen the bond between Mother-Daughters during the Teenage years.

  • ZAccommodation at Temple Retreat, Pullenvale
  • ZEach Mother-Daughter will have their own luxury private room with comfy king single beds
  • ZNutritious and Delicious Vegetarian meals cooked with love
  • ZOpening circle to set intentions for the connection and bond you wish to have together
  • ZA range of heart-opening connection activities to create healing within the mother-daughter bond
  • ZYoga practices (exploring Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Mindfulness and Mantra Meditation
  • ZCreative exploration with a Hand-building ceramic workshop
  • ZZen Thai Shiatsu Partner Workshop
  • ZDaughter Cooking Class with Body Positivity Workshop
  • ZNature time in the beautiful immersive setting
  • ZCampfire Evening
  • ZPlenty of free-time and space to enjoy individual, together time and connection time with like minded Mother and Daughter teams
  • ZA complete unique and special opportunity to enjoy deep presence together

Upfront Payment Option

$2260 Inclusive of Mother and Daughter

4x Payment Plan Option

4x Installments of $621.50 Inclusive of Mother and Daughter

 We need our Mothers at every stage of our lives, including when the dynamic fluctuates during the Teenage years.

As a High School Teacher for the last 8 years, I have seen the dynamic of Mother and daughter strain in many ways for many different reasons.

I believe if we can both learn to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, we can strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters, and ultimate help heal the women of tomorrow. If Teens can better connect in and understand their feelings to regulate what is happening, they won’t feel the need to shut down. If the lines of communication between mother and daughter are opened without judgement or the need to “fix”, our daughters might feel free to express themselves. If we find tools to decompress from the demands of both school, as well as work, we can enjoy more moments of open-hearted connection together.

The Embrace: Mother-Daughter retreat has been birth out of this vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
There are 2 payment options available. For those who know this experience is absolutely everything they need and prefer to lock it in, the Upfront Payment is there. For those who benefit from spreading the payments out, the Payment plan option is there. Both payment options cover both the Mother and the Daughter’s booking.
Q: What kind of Food will we have?
Absolutely delicious meals will be cooked for you through the whole retreat! From a grazing platter the moment you arrive on Friday, to our final Brunch Bar served on the Monday, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Each morning we will share a Breakfast Bar with an abundance of options to cater for everyone. Lunch will include a cooking class for half the group on the Saturday and the other half on the Sunday. Dinners will be a delicious vegetarian meal with all the options to suit.

All meals will be vegetarian with an egg option for Breakfast. There will also be Gluten Free and Dairy Free options to suit. There is the freedom to advise any further intolerances that need to be considered.

Q: Who is this Retreat for?
This Retreat experience is targeted to Teenage girls and their Mothers to share an immersive connection experience.

The ages appropriate for the daughter’s participating are from 12 years to 17 years. There is the flexibility with the ages too- if you have a daughter outside of these ages, please reach out about your specific circumstances. If you know she would love to enjoy yoga, connection activities and has the maturity to be apart of this group, you would be so very welcomed.

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Further Questions About This Retreat?