Events with Karina allow you to put connection time with yourself at the top of your to-do list on a monthly occasion. Whether it’s a New Moon Women’s Circle, a Yin Yoga and Gong Immersion or a Meditation Exploration event, there is an event for you. All events allow you to click pause for an afternoon, to slow life down, to take a breath and to connect with other like-minded people who also feel the need for a break from the demands of life. We come together to support each other.

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A variety of nourishing events to gift you the opportunity to dive deep within, to freely express what is there for you while  being held and supported.

Each month Karina creates a variety of events that offer you a chance to slow life down. 

New Moon Circle Event’s join a group of like minded women together for a ritualistic experience. As we sit in circle, you have an opportunity to release what is holding you back in your current life, clear the negativities through the sound vibrations of a Gong Soundscapes Meditation  and reignite your energy to set some new intentions. A powerful afternoon that will rejuvenate and restore you, bringing in clarity and balance while reconnecting mind, body and soul.

Yin Yoga and Gong Immersion is a deeply relaxing, deeply healing practice that will leave you feeling floaty. Karina guides a 1 hour 30 minute Yin Yoga and Meditation practice, while Ish plays the sounds of the Gong to bring a deeper state of rest. A total “Zenning-out” experience.

Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Women’s Circles and all. There’s something different each month and something that will truly benefit you, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

You have the power to choose where your energy and to choose where life can go from here!

New Moon Circle

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