Whether you are just starting out on your Yoga Journey, or you’ve already touched on the Power of Yoga-a Private Yoga session with Karina provides a huge range of benefits for all. Karina teaches Private Yoga both online and in-person. She has an intimate home-studio in Tingalpa, Brisbane and offers 90 minute sessions tailored to your specific needs and desires.  The journey is something we embark together.

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A Private Yoga Session with Karina Is For You If You’re Experiencing:

  • ZCuriosity about developing a Yoga practice
  • ZSuffering with physical weakness or immobility in certain areas
  • ZA desire to enhance a yoga practice through developing certain areas such as Inversions, Mantra, Meditation and more
  • ZFear or worry about joining for Group Yoga classes
  • ZOverthinking and busyness of thoughts
  • ZFatigue and exhaustion
  • ZHigh stress and high pressure
  • ZLacking connection to self
  • ZDeep craving of relaxation and time away

“Whatever the issue- Yoga is the answer.”

Types of Yoga We can explore:

  • ZVinyasa Flow Yoga
  • ZYoga for certain injuries
  • ZDevelopment of Meditation and Mantra Meditation practices
  • ZYin Yoga for deep relaxation
  • ZYoga to feel energised and motivated
  • ZLearning about the energetics of Yoga
  • ZYoga to connect you back into the Power that is within you
  • ZOnline and In-Person
  • ZAll catered to your level and your goals

“It’s true what a lot of people say about Yoga- the benefits are many and the practice is for everyone.”

Book Your Yoga Session With Me

I welcome you into the comfort of my home studio in Tingalpa, Brisbane. Your Yoga session includes a consult to create your tailored practice.
Each session is 90 minutes to provide space for an exploration of each important element of Yoga: Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, Asana’s and Savasana.