Reiki is a holistic treatment methodology that allows an opportunity to check-in with your energy centers. It is a practice that I embody, and not only do I use the reiki foundations in a treatment, but I also intertwine a variety of tools I use in my own personal healings. A Reiki experience with me could also include intuitive guidance, oracle cards, affirmations and so much more to ensure the treatment is tailored to you and your needs.

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A Reiki Treatment Is For You If You’re Experiencing:

  • ZLack of Direction
  • ZOverthinking and busyness of thoughts
  • ZFatigue and exhaustion
  • ZHigh stress and high pressure
  • ZRepetitive trauma coming up
  • ZHolding onto past situations
  • ZLacking connection to self
  • ZDeep craving of relaxation and time away
  • ZCraving nourishment, self-care and self-love

“I feel unbelievably calm and clear” – Lachie Stuart

After Your Reiki Session, You Might Feel:

  • ZReset, refreshed, and rejuvenated
  • ZClear in the answers you need
  • ZUnstuck from trauma or old habits that you have
  • ZGrounded and centered within yourself
  • ZA deep sense of rest and relaxation
  • ZA clear sense of direction on how to move forward
  • ZNourished, nurtured, and supported

Self-Care Isnt Just Important, It’s Necessary.

Through a Reiki treatment, we discuss what some of the challenges are that you are facing in your life at that present moment. With the aim to rebalance and harmonize you, a healing is completed to clear away any blockages, to release any stuck emotions and to level out your energy centers. 

My intention through the session is to create a safe and sacred container for you to disconnect from your outside world in order to reconnect to your inner world.

A reiki healing can be done in person in Brisbane, or a distance healing can also be done from the comfort of your home with the same benefits.

Book Your Reiki Session With Me

Each session includes a consult and a treatment. Each treatment is unique and specific to you. All treatments will finish with some connection activities to ensure the energy that is shifted is utilized to it’s potential. In addition, a 90-minute session will include a longer treatment and a deeper use of intuitive healing protocols.

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