An Immersive Retreat is an incredible and unique opportunity to deeply nourish yourself on all levels. Each Retreat shares it’s own magic and provides the chance to click pause on life for a little while. It calls you to leave the worries of the world behind and tend to yourself for once. Everyone deserves these deep expansive moments at least once a year. What you can achieve by allowing yourself deep rest is beyond explanation and truly needs to be experienced. There’s an Immersive Retreat here waiting for you.

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THE EMBRACE: Mother-Daughter Connection Retreat 

A 3-night immersive experience that will call you into a deeper connection with yourself. The Embrace provides an opportunity to dive into exploring the tools of Yoga, Mindfulness, Creative Handbuilding Clay-play and Zen Thai Shittzu Connection Flow. When explored with Mother and Daughter together, it will ultimately call you into deeper communication and connection together to strengthen the bond between Mother and Daughter.

For Teenage girls, the High School years are a time of self-discovery. There’s SO much to explore about yourself, your place in the world and SO much that happens during these formative years. It’s a time when you start to move away from your parent’s ideals to form your own and sometimes it can be really challenging to find yourself amongst what everyone else wants you to be.

For the mother of a teenage girl, often there’s an adjustment to the support your daughter needs from you. As she grows into a mature young lady, she becomes more independent, and it sometimes feels like she doesn’t want to let you in.

This 3-night immersive experience focuses on embodied practices that provide opportunities for self-development through engaging in the experience. It’s not about providing a “how to” manual for connection, but rather being IN connection.

Event Begins: Friday 28th April, 3pm

Event Concludes: Monday 1st May, 11am

Location: The Temple Retreat, Pullenvale


COUNTRY CRAFT: Winter Retreat 

When you’ve made it through half the year already, it’s time to celebrate with some nurturing! This Country Craft Retreat is the perfect balance of nourishment and playfulness. This 3-night immersive experience will provide ultimate shut-off time! With the exploration of Yoga, Hand-building Clay-play, Spa and Sauna in a beautiful nature setting, this retreat will heal you on multiple levels. 

Set in 2 full length Train Carriages, it’ll be like you’re on a completely special adventure. This time with no where to go and nothing to do, but slow-down, rejuvenate and tend to your energy for a while. 

With a balance of activity as well as rest time, this Retreat will provide that energetic top-up that will help you through the rest of the year. Take some breathing time to yourself first. 

Event Begins: Friday 30th June, 4pm

Event Concludes: Monday 3rd July, 11am

Location: Barkers Vale, NSW


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