Wellness Package 3: Eye Pillow and Chakra Crystal Meditation

The ultimate wellness package, complete with a handmade eye pillow, 7x crystals to re-balance your energy centers, a guided meditation and a little bag to carry it all in.


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Enhance your Chakra balancing meditation by adding a handmade Eye Pillow to your experience.

This ultimate wellness package includes a handmade eye pillow, 7x Crystals (1 for each energy center in the body) and a QR Code linked to a Chakra Balancing Meditation, all wrapped up in a little bag for you to store and carry.

Set up your room with some dim lighting, light a candle for a sensual experience, let your eye pillow melt over your eyes as you allow the world deal with itself for a moment and sink into a meditation to re-balance and realign your energy.

These sets were used during a Restorative Yoga and Crystal Energy Re-balancing workshop and are the perfect edition to enhancing your connection to your energy centers in the body, lifting off any blockages stuck and held in your energetic body, leaving your feeling lighter and fresher.



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