Karina combines her skills of Yoga Teaching, Meditation Teacher and Pottery Teacher to provide a unique wellness experience for you. Workshops with Karina allow you to put connection time with yourself at the top of your to-do list on a monthly occasion. You can expect to feel rested, invigorated and nourished during any of these events you find here.

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A variety of nourishing events to gift you the opportunity to dive deep within, to freely express what is there for you while  being held and supported.

Karina absolutely LOVES creating unique and immersive workshop experiences in locations in and around Brisbane. It’s important to Karina that each workshop experience provides a nourishing element and therefore, always infuses with a Yoga or Meditation practice. This allows you that bridge between the busy lives we all live and the relaxation we all crave. It allows you to drop in and open to the presence in each unique experience she provides. 

Karina’s main passions come from Yoga, Meditation, Ceramics and Cacao. Having dived into these wellness activities herself for many years now, having leant on these tools to help her through transitional times in life, Karina shares these workshop experiences from a deeply connected place. 

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