Where can I start my Yoga Journey?

Nov 16, 2022 | Meditation, Yoga | 0 comments

We’re incredibly lucky to live in a world where Yoga, Meditation and Wellness activities are in abundance. The downfall of this is the amount of choices can make it hard to know if it’s right for us or not.

When you are beginning your yoga journey, it’s understandable to feel a sense of overwhelm. It’s hard to know where to start, if what you find will suit and if it’s guiding you right.

I’m going to share with you a few places you can go to and a few options that are great for beginning your journey into tending to your wellbeing. It’s really important to remember that although I may guide you to a few options here, ultimately- you know YOU best!!

It’s really important when starting your yoga journey to be really curious and open. Know that you might find a YouTube Yoga class that’s hard to follow, or a teacher that doesn’t provide the space and the class you need- and that’s okay!! Imagine the stress one teacher would feel if they had to teach a class that catered to every single person on the planet. Holy moley!! YES- Yoga and meditation is for everyone, however one teacher won’t provide the class suitable for everyone. They will have their own flavor and their own style and you may resonate with that, or you may not. They’re not necessarily doing anything wrong in their teaching, and there’s also nothing wrong with you if you don’t click. Try a different teacher or a different experience.

Most importantly- don’t give up trying. Like anything new, it takes time and practice. This is why it’s called a Yoga PRACTICE. When you first experience a class, it’s likely you might not know some of the poses and you’re certainly not expected to. If anyone is to expect you to know exactly what you’re doing- it’s you.

So where can you start your Yoga journey?


1. YouTube Yoga Classes

Such a huge range and variety is just a click away. The beautiful thing that has built over the last few years is the amount of sharing of wellness activities in the online space. Simply type in “Yoga for beginners” and you see pages and pages of videos guiding you. Create a space in your lounge room that you really want to go to, turn the volume up, click play and away you go. I’d highly recommend when you do find a teacher and class that you loved and is easy to follow, subscribe and save it. Sometimes having one there ready to go makes it easier, and if you enjoy one class from one teacher, it’s likely they’ll have others you’ll love too.

2. Alo Moves and Insight Timer

As far as Yoga and Meditation apps go, these 2 come highly recommended as the ones I use. Again- do your searching and find one that works for you if this is the way you want to experience Yoga. The fantastic thing about both these online versions of classes, you can easily find shorter class offerings. If a 1 hour yoga class doesn’t fit into your schedule, or feels super daunting right now, start with a 5-10 minute yoga class online. If you’re a mother and only have pockets of moments between feeding and napping, this is also a perfect way to go. A 5-10 minute yoga practice is better than no practice at all and it’s perfectly okay to fit into your schedule whenever suits you.


3. Community Yoga Sessions

Brisbane City Council are absolutely incredible and have organized a range of free community yoga sessions in local parks all around Brisbane. There might be more in your local area and it’s worth searching for. Often times the classes are targeted to a broad, general level of yoga abilities and are a really supportive place for beginners. You also have the added bonus of being outside in nature, depending on which one you go to, which is absolutely blissful. Also, usually these are free so super accessible for everyone.

3. Yoga Studios

I’m sure if you did a search in google of “Yoga studios near me”, you’ll find one close to home. Often, most studios provide an Introductory pass. The studio I teach at- Inna Bliss in Brisbane- provide a 2 week unlimited introduction pass for $49. These are PERFECT for starting your journey. Over the course of the 2 weeks (or however long the introduction pass is for the studio near your home), you’ll have the freedom to try every class out, you’ll experience a range of styles, a range of teachers and you’ll really be able to feel if it’s the right studio space for you. If there’s a few studios close to your home, feel free to try them all until you find the one that feels just like home. 

There’s also great benefits that come from experiencing a face-to-face class where there’s an actual person guiding you through, checking on your movements and providing support if it’s needed. I honestly find too- if I do a home practice, sometimes I’ll skip out all the poses I don’t like (but know I need). Even though we’re adults, having the accountability to be in a place dedicated to developing your yoga practice could be exactly what you need in order to connect to it with consistency. A tip as well- some studios will also provide a Beginners Yoga class on the timetable, or a course to learn what’s what. They’re both really great options to beginning your journey with.

4. Private Yoga

There are a huge range of experienced yoga teachers out there. Some yoga teachers provide classes as a side-hussle. For other teachers, it’s their full-time gig. There are some who offer one-on-one private classes, either at local studios, in their home, or they might even come to you. If this is a really desirable option for you, find them through a google search in your local area or even connecting to a studio in your area and asking for opportunities for private yoga classes.

Sometimes it can be super daunting to walk into a room full of people for the very first time, particularly when you don’t know what you’re doing (yet). One-on-one private yoga sessions have the benefit of being tailored to your body, meeting you exactly where you are and taking you on your own unique journey that is needed. It can certainly help you build the confidence to then be in a group setting, or you might get everything you need out of the personalized, dedicated sessions. If your a Mum coming back from bub, if you are working with injuries or if there’s a particular goal you wish to achieve from doing yoga, private yoga sessions can absolutely provide that support with whatever you’re needing. 


Even in these 4 options, that’s a LOT of ways in which you can start your Yoga journey. This really shows how accessible yoga is for all of us.

Often times I do hear a lot of people say- “I’ve heard good things about yoga but I don’t have the time” or “I know I need to do more yoga”.

Really, in acknowledging here all of the ways in which we can do yoga, there’s only one excuse that might hold us back from not developing a yoga practice- “It’s not a priority.”

See how that sits and maybe the courage it takes to step foot into a yoga studio, or the time it takes to search for an online class that suits- will be all worth it in the end.

And if all else fails??

Go sit outside on a picnic blanket and watch the clouds roll by.

Take some time in nature and go for a slow, mindful nature walk.

Immerse yourself in your hobby or something you love for a while. 

Either way- out of 24 hours in a day, you deserve to take at least 1 of those hours to yourself in order to build your wellbeing and top up your cup. Whether it’s a yoga practice or not, it’s necessary.



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