Why Meditation WORKS

Sep 7, 2022 | Meditation, Yoga | 1 comment

Why Meditaiton Works!

Research suggests that as soon as you close your eyes and settle into a meditation, you enter into a state of rest deeper than sleep. Ther are many psychiological responses in the body that occur when you enter into meditation.聽
Scientists have discovered, through various physiological tests, that once you enter into a state of meditation, they notice some big changes to your body.
馃挜 Blood pressure lowers
馃挜 Rate of breathing slows
馃挜 Oxygen consumption increases
馃挜 Heart rate lowers
馃挜 Muscle tension lowers
It’s even startling to find that within just 3 minutes, our oxygen consumptions reduces as much as 10-17%.
The most interesting part of this- in deep sleep, your oxygen consumption lowers only 8%.
You can see that meditation provides a state of rest DEEPER then sleep!!
What does this mean?
The deeper, more fuller breaths you take in during meditation has a massive positive impact on your relaxation response, and better yet- you can access this relaxation in as little as 3 minutes!
It’s no wonder why meditation helps with stress reduction when the research shows this!

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