This Wide-Open Inner ‘Scape is a Health and Wellness Retreat designed so you can completely escape from life and immerse yourself deep within your inner world. Join me and 11 other like minded souls, for 3 full nourishing days and 2 luxurious nights. The next retreat is happening on October 23rd in the beautiful bushy suburb of Brookfield, Brisbane.

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Retreat from the outside world in order to connect into your inner world.

Every single day you juggle the demands that your life places upon you. Our Wide-Open Inner ‘Scape allows you to completely disconnect from these demands in order to take the time to yourself to simply just be. Once you have entered our wide-open space, you can finally take a breath and explore a range of activities specially crafted to nourish you, to top you up and to leave you feeling light and free.

My intention on this retreat is to serve you and to ensure that you re-enter the world with your cup absolutely overflowing.”


Event Details

Event Finished: 23-25th October 2021

We had an absolutely incredible 3-day, 2-night Retreat experience over our last weekend. If you did miss out, please know that the NEW Retreat events for 2022 are currently in the works.

Stay tuned for more to come.

If you do wish to express your interest for another Wide-Open ‘Scape experience, please subscribe below through connecting to my mailing list.  

 “I’m more excited than ever, to be creating a new space and opportunity for you to deeply nourish yourself.” 

Couples King Room

$1150 per person

Couples Double Room

$950 per person

Twin Shared Room

$950 per person

Solo Room

$950 per person


This Retreat Is For YOU If You:

  • ZAre Feeling Highly Stressed
  • ZHave a Busy Lifestyle that you Need a Break From
  • ZAre A High Achiever who Needs To Prioritize Themselves
  • ZAre A Wellness Enthusiast Who Wants To Relax and Unwind

If you struggle to prioritize me-time on a regular basis, a Wide-Open Inner Scape allows you to prioritise yourself for a longer, more nourishing period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What activities will we be doing?

Activities may include, but are not limited to:
Nature walks
Yin and Pins Yoga class (Yin and acupuncture with needless acupuncture available)
Energy balancing Restorative Yoga class
Sound Bath and Meditation
Fire circle ceremony
Art therapy afternoon
Sunrise intention setting activity
Journaling and many moments of deep connection within.

A day may look like:

7am: Movement Meditation on the deck (Optional) or Recovery-time
9am: Delicious Breakfast
10am: Nature Walk and exploration
1pm: Lunch back at the Retreat venue
3pm: Yin and Sound Immersion
Reflection time/ Free-time
6pm: Nourishing Dinner
7:30pm: Fire Ceremony


Q: What’s the food like?

The food, cooked from Yummy Lara is exactly that- absolutely Yummy. Lara selects a range of seasonal, organic, and vegan meals to delight your senses. Lara is an Ayurveda chef who has a passion for food and serving from her heart. Her meals won’t only taste good, but will also serve your insides with healthy nutritious food and only the best ingredients.

Sample Menu may look like:

BREAKFAST (all the options)
1. Fresh organic bread with homemade jams
2. Fresh fruit and yoghurt
3. Hot porridge varieties served with plenty of toppers
4. Egg and mixed organic vegetable Frittata

Dhal and White basmati rice cooked with delicious spices, served with rocket, spinach salad, fresh organic vegetables and tamarind and date chutney.

Yummy Lara Ayruvedic Nourishing Bowl: A bowl full of cooked seasonal organic vegetables, packed with a bunch of rice’s and grains, topped with a range of hand-made sauces such as aioli, served with a salad of seasonal vegetables.  


Q: Do I have to do everything?
No, not at all. This is your retreat, your space, and your time. All activities, although highly recommended, are optional.
Q: Is there downtime?

Yes! Absolutely! The schedule has a great balance of activities and things to do, but also includes a huge amount of space to give you the freedom to roam and to simply just be. During your spare time you can sit by the pool, soak up the relaxation of the Spa bath, connect with other retreat guests over a game of pool, or simply just enjoy the nature settings of the beautiful venue. 

Q: What is your cancellation/Refund Policy?

We get it- life happens and sometimes we can’t control it.
If you do need to cancel at any time, we do have the following structures in place to ensure both parties are happy:
Deposit is non-refundable
If cancelled on or before 21st of September, a full refund will be given minus the deposit.
If cancelled on or following from the 22nd of September, a refund of 50% of payment minus the deposit will be organized.
If cancelled on or following from the 29th of September, a refund of 25% of payment minus the deposit will be organized.
If cancelled on or following from the 5th October, no refund will be given of any payment made.

Transfer of Place:
We are more than happy to transfer your spot onto another person at any time up until Thursday 16th October.

Ready To Experience A Wide-Open Inner 'Scape?

Disconnect with the outside world in order to connect into your inner world.